• Do you accept walk-ins?
    • Although we do our best to accept those who walk-in our salon, we can not guarantee an appointment time. Because of our quaint and cozy atmosphere, we do not always have the availability to take you immediately, which may cause a wait. Schedule an appointment HERE
  • How can I schedule my next appointment?
    • Appointments are only accepted online, through our booking site. Follow-up appointments can be made in person when scheduling your next appointment before you leave.
  • Can I schedule a group at Scrub?
    • Yes, you can schedule groups of up to 4 people on our booking website. Groups of 5 or more are considered a private party. To schedule a private party, please inquire through the form HERE and someone will be in contact with you in 48 hours.
  • If I am running late for my appointment, or can no longer make it, how can I reschedule or cancel?
    • You can always cancel or reschedule an appointment you've made by going on our booking website and logging in using the same email address you used to schedule. Keep in mind, you may be subject to the cancellation guidelines you agreed to when scheduling. If you have any issues using the system, please send an email to us at 
  • I am late for my appointment, can my nail tech still take me?
    • If you are running late for your appointment, we can not guarantee that you will receive your full service, or full time. In order to not run into the next customer's time, we may offer modified services, in place of the services you scheduled to accommodate you. *Clients more than 15 minutes late will be marked as a "No Show" and charged according the cancellation policy.
  • I booked an appointment online, did it go through?
    • If you did not receive a confirmation email or text message, your appointment is not scheduled.


  • Which methods of payment do you accept?
    • We DO NOT accept cash for payment. Our techs checkout each guest using a tablet and do not have cash on hand. We accept all major credit cards.
  • Can I pay for a tip on my credit card?
    • Yes! At checkout, there is an option to add gratuity when you sign your bill. Cash tips are always appreciated by our staff. Please keep in mind they may not have change, as we are a cashless salon.
  • an I use my membership benefits to pay for a friend's service? 
    • Membership benefits are non-transferrable and can not be shared.
  • I put in my credit card information to schedule my appointment, will my card be charged? 
    • You will not be charged for your services until you checkout after your appointment with your technician. You will have the option to change your form of payment at that time.


  • Do you do fill-ins, tips, or SNS nails? 
    • Since we are a fume-free salon, we do not offer these services in our salon. The headache inducing fumes, typically swirling around in nail salons are caused by the products used in these services.
  • How do you clean your tools?
    • Many of the tools we use are disposable such as our foot files, toe nail files, and buffers. Our metal implements are disinfected according to State Board of Cosmetologists of Maryland. Tools are sanitized first, then disinfected, and finished in a UV sterilizer for good measure.
  • I was unhappy with my service, who should I contact?
    • We encourage you to leave a review of your experience via text message after each visit. This is the best way for us to make sure each experience you have with us, is the best. This message will not go to your technician, it will go directly to management.
    • We guarantee all of our work and stand behind our service. We appreciate that you trusted us with your nail service, however, if you are ever displeased with your technician, the quality of care given, or your nail services please let us know, either through a review in the text message you'll receive after your service or send us an email